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We met the team from JM Adventure at a recent trade show and they wanted an immersive and innovative way to showcase their amazing new high ropes course install at Calshot Activities Centre. This was the perfect project to use our elevated mast 360 camera kit – capable of capturing high-resolution panoramas from up to 7 metres up. This gives a unique perspective from up high, especially effective for climbing walls, ropes courses, etc. This project was a “double winner” for us as not only were we originally commissioned by JM Adventure to create the virtual tour that showcased their high ropes course within the centre, but the guys at Calshot were so impressed themselves that they then commissioned us to create a separate centre-wide tour too!

  • Unique, bespoke User Interface designed around the client branding.
  • Stunning, high-definition, high-resolution panoramas throughout.
  • Virtual tour published in HTML5 so is browser driven (no need for plugin downloads like Flash or Java).
  • VR ready: view the tour in Virtual Reality using popular VR headsets like Google Cardboard or Oculus Go & Quest.
  • Mobile-responsive and optimised for viewing on all current platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Mac, etc.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography technique evens the lightest and darkest areas of the scene, so you won’t see ‘blown out’ windows or loss of detail.
  • ‘White Label’, unbranded service available.

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Date: 05/19/2019

Client: JM Adventure / Calshot Activites Centre