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Here at 360 imagery, we just love the variety of work that comes our way! Since 2007 we have created virtual tours of all sorts of things from helicopters, to zoos, hospitals, museums and commercial properties – the list goes on! This commission was something totally new for us, and one that we certainly were not going to turn down…..!!

We met the Saga Holiday marketing team at an exhibition in 2014. Whilst they already had an old, out-of-date tour of one of their ships, the marketing team were blown away by the high-resolution quality of a 360 imagery bespoke virtual tour. We were immediately commissioned to join the Saga flag ship, the Sapphire, on a 4 day cruise up the Norwegian Fjords – it’s a hard life at times!

The commission was for a large 40 scene tour of both the public areas of the cruise ship, as well as the various grades of cabins and suites on board. We were very lucky with some beautiful blue skies which meant for some really stunning photography.

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Date: 05/05/2014

Client: Saga