360 imagery ‘Before and After’ virtual tour using UAV drones & a bit of CGI magic!

Now for something completely different………

360 imagery were approached by a residential development client who purchased a waste transfer site in beautiful, leafy Ascot in Berkshire. The site was surrounded by beautiful countryside and very expensive, exclusive properties – not the place you’d expect to find a noisy, dirty industrial use…

The client wanted to submit an application for change of use to build 12 very exclusive detached houses – a much better use of the land!

To support the application, and appease the local residents and Planning Officers, 360 imagery were commissioned to shoot a high-resolution aerial over the site, from 400 feet, to show just how stunning the local countryside is and just how much impact the site, in its current use, has on the landscape. To take the project a next stage further, we suggested to the client the “WOW” factor of superimposing the proposed exclusive residential development into this aerial 360 environment – something we have an expertise in. Not only did we do this, we also created 2 ground-based, eye-level CGI scenes of the development and incorporated these into the tour….

Check out the amazing end result by either clicking here, or on the post image above. Don’t forget to look at both the ‘Current’ use and then the ‘Proposed’ use incorporating CGI scenes.

We do not know of any other company currently capable of bringing together high resolution 360-degree panoramas, shot using specialist “heavy-lift” drone UAV machines, and ultra-detailed CGI imagery within those panoramas. All brought together as a bespoke virtual tour……

Here at 360 imagery, we are passionate about we do – we have been creating stunning 360 virtual tours for over 8 years now with in excess of 1000 commissions under our belts! We combine our backgrounds as chartered surveyors with a love of photography and all things technical, to really keep ourselves ahead of the game and to make sure our virtual tours are fresh, new and exciting (no boring ‘off the shelf’ tours). Our volume of repeat clients must speak for itself – just check out our Client Page to see for yourself.

360 imagery are one of the leading virtual tour companies in the UK. We’d love to hear from you and chat about thoughts you may have for your own project, however big or small. Just give Stuart a call on 0845 8726442 or visit us at www.360imagery.co.uk.


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