Drone Footage

Drones have come a long way in a relatively short time and we’ve been riding the wave since day one! (In fact, Stuart used to fly a Morley Hughes 300 model RC helicopter as a hobby back in the early 1990’s before “drones” were invented!).

We “stitched” together our first aerial panorama photographed using a drone with a Canon PowerShot G10 flying 400 feet over Nottingham way back in 2009. It was made up of 30+ individual photographs. Boy, how drone technology has marched on since then!

Today, we use a variety of drones depending on the commission and payload but our highest resolution panoramas are captured with a Canon 5DSR (a whopping 50 megapixel sensor) and super-sharp Canon 15mm prime lens, capable of capturing absolutely stunning, high-resolution 360s and stills. Many of our virtual tours use an aerial panorama within the tour – you can see some within the Portfolio page.

Over the years, we’ve captured hundreds of aerial images & video footage from up to 400 feet of everything – airports, cityscapes, schools, business parks, combine harvesters, etc.

We are fully CAA approved and our pilots are BNUCs certified ensuring the highest standards in safety and operation.