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One of our largest and most ambitious single projects we’ve undertaken since we started back in 2007! We met the Flamingo Land team at a trade show in May and they loved the example tours we showcased. Speed forward a month and we were commissioned to create an immersive virtual tour of the whole theme park: not only the park itself, but the huge zoo and all the accommodation types the park offers. A mammoth task and logistical nightmare as the Brief was to exclude guests from as many scenes as possible which meant 3 days of 4am starts to capture as many scenes before the park opened at 10am….! And it rained…!!! However, we managed it – and captured 3 x high-resolution aerials together with more than 300 x eye-level and mast 360s throughout the park including the zoo, rides, food & beverage offerings, accommodation types, leisure centre, etc. Go and get yourself lost in the virtual tour yourself and you’ll soon see how extensive the tour really is!

  • Opening scenes captured from 400 feet using our custom-build “heavy lift” drone – specifically designed for capturing high-resolution 360s.
  • 300+ panoramas captured from both eye-level and from a 7 metre mast.
  • Unique, bespoke User Interface designed around the client branding.
  • Stunning, high-definition, high-resolution panoramas throughout.
  • Virtual tour published in HTML5 so is browser driven (no need for plugin downloads like Flash or Java).
  • VR ready: view the tour in Virtual Reality using popular VR headsets like Google Cardboard or Oculus Go & Quest.
  • Mobile-responsive and optimised for viewing on all current platforms: PC, iOS, Android, Mac, etc.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography technique evens the lightest and darkest areas of the scene, so you won’t see ‘blown out’ windows or loss of detail.
  • ‘White Label’, unbranded service available.

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Date: 09/01/2019
Client: Flamingo Land Resort