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This is more of a “behind the scenes” example. I’ve put together this tour to show how we create a CGI-based virtual tour of an office fit out that doesn’t yet exist – perfect for marketing property whilst refurbishment / construction is underway.

A client had purchased a commercial property in Solihull and needed a way of showing what the office suites would look like, once refurbished. Step in 360 Imagery! I shot numerous “back plate” panoramas throughout the building to capture the real-life views from through the windows and, using the Architect’s computer files of the proposed redevelopment, built a 3D CGI model. To this model it is possible to change finishes, add furniture and, in this case, a reception and cafe area.

I’ve added in to the end of the virtual tour the “before” panoramas to show you what the building looked like once the floors had been stripped out (these aren’t obviously part of the published tour. Once the refurbishment is complete, I would like to reshoot the panoramas from the same positions to show, hopefully, how accurate and lifelike our CGI renders can be!
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Date: 05/19/2017

Client: IM Properties