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Northwood Urban Logistics has certainly kept me busy throughout 2022! Every scheme it has completed, I’ve been there to capture it in 360 glory for a virtual tour! And this is one of my favourites of 2022 so far – Urban Express Park in Birmingham.

And here’s the reason Northwood use me time and time again!:

“Stuart has worked with us on our entire Northwood Urban Logistics portfolio and it’s one of the best marketing decisions we’ve made. He’s efficient, creative and highly motivated to get the best product in front of us. His blatant enthusiasm for his job, coupled with his knowledge of the industry, make him very easy to work with and we will definitely be doing so again in the future.”

The tour includes:

  • Regional high-level 360 aerial panorama rendered from Google Earth – annotated with the motorway / road network.
  • 3 x 360 degree aerial panoramas – again, annotated with the road network.
  • Other scenes captured using eye-level and 8 metre mast low-level aerial equipment.
  • Animated hotspots within the scenes allow you to take a ‘virtual walk’ around the site and inside vacant units.
  • Text-based annotations throughout the tour display useful information: unit sizes, eaves height, floor areas, local amenities, etc.
  • Navigation buttons, help screen, tripod cap (called the UI, or User Interface) all designed around the development identity, logo & colour sway.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography evens the lightest and darkest areas of the image, so you won’t see ‘blown out’ windows or loss of detail.
  • Virtual tour published in HTML5 for viewing on all current platforms, iOS, Android, desktop, etc & mobile-responsive.
  • ‘White Label’, unbranded service available.

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Date: 29/04/2022

Client: Northwood Urban Logistics