Stunning 360 imagery Virtual Tour for Anytime Fitness in Taunton

Check out one of our latest commissions for Precor by either clicking here, or on the post image above.

360 imagery have been working with Precor as sole supplier of 360 virtual tours since 2011. To date, we have produced over 60 tours for Precor, of which 20 are for the Anytime Fitness brand. Other end-users have included Parkwood Community Leisure, easyGym, energie and Universities such as Exeter, Edinburgh, Dundee & Bournemouth throughout England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland and Ireland.

Why do Precor use virtual tours?

Precor are part of the Amer Sports Company owning other brands such as Wilson, Salomon and Suunto. They design and build premium commercial fitness equipment used by fitness clubs, hotels, spas, and individual exercisers in over 90 countries across the world. 360 imagery are regularly commissioned to create stunning, bespoke tours of sites using Precor equipment as a marketing medium to promote and market both the equipment, and also for the club to use as a marketing tool to promote itself to potential new members.

Why do Precor choose 360 imagery to create their virtual tours?
360 imagery have been creating 360 virtual tours since 2006. We have a wealth of experience working within various sectors (check out our Portfolio Page to see some of the big names we regularly work with).

All of our work is bespoke designed, with every element undertaken in-house from initial photography, to graphic design and programming. This means we can incorporate just about anything the client wants (information text boxes, photo stills, music etc) and pride ourselves on delivering the highest quality end result. 360 imagery only use high resolution photography and the latest Canon camera equipment. The tour is then designed around the client logos and colour sways to blend seamlessly within their existing website.  A repeat client is a happy client, and speaks volumes – see our Client Page on our website.

The latest 360 imagery virtual tour for Precor (view by clicking here, or on image above) comprises 5 scenes, navigated using arrows within the scenes, or thumbnails. Pop-up text/graphic annotation boxes within the scenes give useful information about specific Precor equipment. Web links within these annotations link directly to the technical specification pages on the Precor website. There is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about a 360 imagery virtual tour and the added attention to detail really shows off both the Taunton Anytime Fitness site, and Precor equipment, at their best.

As one of the leading virtual tour providers in the UK, 360 imagery have created in the region of 1,000 commissioned 360 virtual tours, and so have a wealth of experience & ideas to help you with your own project. Take a look at our website or give Stuart a call on 0845 8726442 if you need a bit of inspiration!


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