CGi Virtual Tours

Over the years we have catered for numerous clients each with specific challenges, but how do you create a tour of something that doesn’t even exist yet? A few of our clients have asked us to do just that. Since 2014 we’ve been commissioned more and more to create digital CGi models and assets of all sorts of property projects.

once we’ve build the CGi 3D model we can extract various different assets:

– Linear fly-through video –

– 360 fly-through video –

Node-by-node virtual tour –

…as well as 2D extracts for marketing material.

In late 2016 we were tasked with creating a CGi model of Northampton university’s new Waterside Campus which was under construction at the time. The tour gives a great representation of the future of Northampton University. We even generated people to give a true sense of scale. The tour starts with an areal shot to show how the finished construction will fit in with the surrounding landscape. This shows the scape of their vision for the future of the Waterside campus. From here you can explore the campus from a first person perspective.

2017 saw us create a CGi video shoot. This fly through the Waterside campus was created with the Northampton logos, bespoke 2D maps and backing music to give the kind of professional polish we are renowned for. Meticulous care was taken for each scene making certain that the new campus is shown in the best possible light.

Our interactive video even enables you to be the camera with your smart phone using a swipe of your finger using the gyroscope feature. Couple this with Google cardboard and the camera can move with your head giving an immersive experience.

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