Featured Tour: Edinburgh University | Peffermill Playing Fields

Our latest blog features one of our many long-standing repeat clients, Edinburgh University. For this site re-visit (an annual fixture!) we were commissioned to create a virtual tour of Peffermill Playing Fields. This immersive tour features 13 high resolution 360 scenes from both ‘eye level’ and from up to 8 metres up in the air using our mast set up.

What makes this virtual tour so immersive? The pixel-perfect high-resolution photography (captured using only professional grade Canon dSLR camera equipment) really puts you in the middle of the action!

As with all our tours, this example is designed not only to be viewed on traditional mobile and desktop platforms but also in VR headsets such as Oculus Go, Gear VR and Google Cardboard. When wearing a VR headset, when your head moves around, the image tracks with you.

We’ve incorporated many features into the User Interface design that all make the experience as user friendly as possible. Multiple ways of navigation are featured including hotspots within scenes and a thumbnail navigation menu. This thumbnail menu allows you to jump to any part of the tour immediately. You can view the hockey pitch or the team rooms, with just a click. The flashing hotspots are designed to feel as organic giving the impression you are moving around naturally.

Our virtual tours are the perfect way of showcasing so many business sectors including commercial property, leisure attractions, hotels or, as in this case, sporting venues.

All our virtual tours work cross-platform on iOS, Android and PC / Mac and are also mobile-responsive.


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