Featured Virtual Tour: Peel Logistics

As the majority of our regular readers will know, our core business is bespoke, high-resolution virtual tours to the property industry – with developers like British Land, Goodman, Gazeley, Peel, Blackrock and Graftongate using our bespoke virtual tours to promote and market their commercial property. So, if we were to select one recent piece of work to show why these household names trust us, it is probably Island Road Logistics Park by Peel Holdings which we shot last summer.

This is one of our standard tours (although there is nothing “standard” in any of our work!) and features nearly everything we have learnt over the past 10+ years creating virtual tours and 18+ years marketing property as qualified Chartered Surveyors. It includes some really exciting features in preparation for future technology. The tour is fully mobile-responsive & works across all current platforms (iOS, Android, PC desktop) but is also VR (virtual reality) ready for viewing in VR headsets such as Google Cardboard and GearVR.

One of the most striking elements to the tour is the opening 360 scene. This high-definition 360 panorama was captured using our low-level 8 metre mast giving the perfect “wow” overview to the development. Many other scenes throughout the tour use this mast set-up – perfect for capturing detail over street furniture, parked vehicles, etc and for giving a much better depth of field view.

One useful feature is the “view site plan” button which, when clicked, will bring up a site map showing you where you are and other scenes you can click on within the tour.

The user interface and navigation has been designed around the clients’ development logo – and so ties in with their website and corporate branding.

Our use of HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography techniques ensure we capture an even, balanced scene. You will not see ‘blown out’ windows or loss of detail in the shadows.

To see our full portfolio of logistics and warehouse tours tours please visit http://www.360imagery.co.uk/portfolio-category/logistics-warehouse-property/

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