Stunning 360 imagery Virtual Tour Re-shoot for Nottingham City Council

Check out this 360 imagery virtual tour of Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre in Nottingham.

We originally met the client, Nottingham City Council, at an exhibition back in 2009. At this time, we created virtual tours for all of their 9 leisure centres throughout the city. It was a major project which involved creating 140 high resolution panoramas over 2 days at the various sites.

360 imagery were then re-commissioned in 2016 to update the original work as the leisure centres had undergone major refurbishments and re-branding of logos over the years. It was also a great opportunity for us to re-publish the tours bringing them bang up-to-date with advancing technologies. They are now all iOS compatible (iPhone, iPad & iPod) published in HTML5, together with being fully mobile responsive across all platforms. When we originally undertook the work, the only output available was Flash, which is not supported on iOS.

Harvey Hadden Leisure Centre re-opened in September 2015 following a £16 million major refurbishment. We didn’t even recognise the building when we turned up for the re-shoot! Take a look for yourself by clicking on the post image above.

This is a 9 scene, fully interactive virtual tour all shot using high dynamic range photography techniques (you can zoom right in without image distortion). Some of the scenes used our unique mast set-up, capturing stunning 360 panoramas from up to 8 metres high. For projects similar to this, it’s perfect for the sports halls, 3G, MUGA, astro-turf & tennis courts. For many of our tours we also use mast work for the opening scene as it gives a real WOW factor, raising the eye above any cars, street furniture etc. On your virtual ‘walk through’ the centre visit the sports hall to see how effective our unique mast scene is. Just have a play! Zoom in & out, click on the flashing hotspots to guide you and also the text scene menu. And of course, we bespoke design all of this interactivity to blend perfectly into your existing website.

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