The Perfect Way to Promote a School……..

Thomas Cowley High School in Lincolnshire wanted a bespoke virtual tour to promote what they have to offer to potential students and parents. The benefits of an online prospectus with a 360 imagery virtual tour are clear – not only does it show off the location and all the facilities at their very best, but it is accessible 24 hours a day, every day, all over the world (i.e. great for attracting International students too).

As all 360 imagery virtual tours are bespoke designed, there is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about our end result – it is a really interactive marketing medium that appeals to audiences of all ages. Check it out for yourself by either clicking here, or on the post image above.

360 imagery have worked with a number of Schools, Universities and Academies over the years so we were really chuffed to win the competitive tender for Thomas Cowley. It also means we have the experience and ideas to help the project along, and create a really effective end result. As we do all of our work in-house and bespoke design every element of the tour, it means we can make it be as interactive as the client wants – to include maps, aerial work, pop-up boxes with text or still photography, music, links to websites etc – we like the challenge of being asked to do something a bit different!

We begin our virtual tour with one of two stunning external mast shots. This is a unique system that we designed in-house, capable of capturing high-resolution panoramas from up to 8 metres. It is perfect for photographing (and taking the viewers eye) above crowds, street furniture and parked cars – it’s great for the opening WOW scene to a tour. It engages the viewer and encourages them to interact with the tour.

The remaining high-resolution panoramas are shot in occupied classrooms and around the school during a normal school day to show what the school has to offer, and to really give a feel to the place. The viewer is navigated using an aerial site plan, thumbnails and interactive hot spot markers. The tour is then finished off with a bespoke Graphic User Interface (GUI) designed around the logo and colour sway of the school. See for yourself how well the 360 imagery tour fits and works within their existing Home Page on their website by clicking here.

As with all of our work, it is published in HTML5 so is mobile-responsive and cross-platform compliant, working on desktop, Android and iOS devices.

In 10 years of creating commissioned virtual tours we have built up a wealth of experience and ideas to help you with your own project. Just check out our Portfolio Page on our website to see some of the variety of work we have undertaken, or give us a call on 0845 8726442 and we can point you to specific examples of our work that may relate to your own project.

360 imagery are one of the leading virtual tour providers in the UK. We’d love to hear from you and chat about thoughts you may have for your own project, however big or small. Just give Stuart a call on the number above, or visit us at


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