Virtual Tour FAQ's

We’ve tried to make everything as easy as possible for you by answering below the most commonly-asked questions. If these don’t help, please contact us!

Can I choose which scenes are shot?

Of course – you are the client. Do bear in mind that exterior shots are weather dependent (i.e. no rain).

How long does the photography take?

Depending on the instruction, it usually takes around three hours to produce up to ten panoramas (scenes). All we ask is that the property is prepared and ready for the shoot at the time of our appointment.

Do I have to be present whilst the photographs are taken?

No, provided you have made prior arrangements for access to the property.

Is additional software required / downloaded to view Virtual Tours?

No specialist additional software is required to view 360 Imagery Virtual Tours or panoramic images, which are created using industry-standard Flash, QuickTime or Java platforms. All that is required is a PC or Apple Mac running an industry-standard, Flash-enabled web browser such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Firefox.

Security issues within a private property.

If required, and to provide anonymity, we can digitally remove any information that might identify the subject premises, such as vehicle license plates, street numbers and names. We can also digitally edit out valuable and personal effects to further protect the identity of the Client, if requested.

Please note that photographs which will be used to sell or market property will not be altered in any way which may misrepresent the property, site or subject concerned and which may be in breach of the Property Misdescriptions Act 1991, for example, power lines or background or adjoining buildings removed.

Contact us on 0845 872 6442 if you need more information

How to view a Virtual Tour / Immersive Panorama

We understand that to some this is new technology, so if you are experiencing any problems with viewing any of the 360° immersive panoramas or virtual tours, we have put together some useful information below.

Viewing a 360 Panorama

To move around within a 360° panorama, click (with the left mouse button held down) within the image and drag the mouse cursor in the direction you would like to view.

360 Imagery can produce panoramas in a variety of formats to suit, most commonly either spherical or cylindrical 360° (or less) panoramas.

Spherical panoramas are truly ‘immersive’ with a horizontal pan of 360° and a vertical FOV (field of view) of 180°. On the other hand, cylindrical panoramas, whilst capable of panning a full 360° horizontally, have a more limited vertical FOV of around 100°.

If you cannot see the 360° panoramas, you may need to download and install one of the plug-ins listed below. The standard panoramas use Flash, and the high resolution full screen panoramas can be viewed using Flash or QuickTime VR, Java or DevalVR (PC users only).

Flash (Windows & Mac) Plug Ins

Flash is one of the most popular plug-ins, installed on 99% of all computers. Recent improvements now mean that 360° panoramas can be displayed full screen using Flash v.10, but as with Java there is a slight drop in image quality when compared to either QuickTime VR or DevalVR.

To view 360° Panoramas and Virtual Tours you may need to download certain software (known as ‘plug-ins’). All our work is created using 4 of the leading technology platforms, Java, QuickTime VR, Flash and DevalVR, each of which is free and easy to download. Outlined below is further information on each ‘plug-in’.