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An interactive 360 video tour of a call centre in Sunderland for Barclays Bank. The Brief: the client was hosting a regional recruitment fair in Sunderland and wanted to give potential employees visiting the fair the opportunity of seeing first-hand what it would be like working at one of its call centres. The client handed out free branded Google Cardboards at the fair and, using their own smartphones, people could take an immersive journey through the call centre building, including the work space, cafe and gym.

Uxbridge Business Park. For the most immersive experience, try viewing on a smartphone in VR using a Google Cardboard! Try it for yourself with the example above – with your mouse, click and drag within the video as it plays. Alternatively, open this link on your smartphone / tablet and you can look all around within the image using finger swipes or the gryoscope feature.
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Date: 09/12/2016

Client: Barclays Bank