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One of a number of unique virtual tours for Arlington using a UAV drone capable of shooting high-resolution virtual tour panoramas from up to 400 feet. 360 imagery is one of only a handful of companies in the UK who specialise in UAV drone virtual tours, using only the latest equipment and technology, fully licenced by the Civil Aviation Authority and fully insured.

This tour begins with 3 UAV drone 360 panoramas shot from 400 feet as an overview of the business park with further low-level mast panoramas around the park for close-up detail of available building plots. We added informative hotspots within the scenes highlighting the road network, available development plots and local amenities together with an interactive site plan and the ability to download the marketing brochures for the available properties. Best viewed in “full screen” mode!

  • 3 x high-definition, multi-resolution panoramas shot from 400 feet using a UAV drone specially-constructed for capturing high-resolution, “pixel perfect” panoramas.
  • More low-level mast panoramas captured around the park.
  • Interactive tour includes text annotations & road names.
  • 360 degree panning x 180 degree up / down view for a truly immersive virtual tour experience.
  • Tour optimised to run full screen in high definition whilst downloading seamlessly.
  • Navigation buttons, help screen, tripod cap (called the GUI, or Graphic User Interface) all designed around the client corporate identity, logo & colour sway.
  • HDR (High Dynamic Range) photography technique evens the lightest and darkest areas of the image, so you won’t see ‘blown out’ areas or loss of detail.
  • Virtual tour published in Flash & HTML5 for viewing on all current platforms, PC, iPhone, iPad, Android, etc.
  • ‘White Label’, unbranded service available.
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Date: 06/16/2015

Client: Arlington

Virtual Tour Highlights: aerial panorama | thumbnail navigation | hotspot arrows linking scenes